• ENGEL victory - tie-bar-less technology
  • Injection moulding machine victory - optimal mould protection
  • Injection moulding machine tie-bar-less technology
  • ENGEL victory - low energy consumption
  • Tie-bar-less technology - ENGEL victory 500
  • universal all-rounder – the optimal basic machine for all-round applications and a variety of technologies
  • low energy consumption – low friction, clamping pressure lock-in & electro-hydraulic control pump, ENGEL ecodrive (optional)
  • absolute freedomENGEL tie-bar-less technology for complex, innovative, mould designs, rapid mould change & unobstructed robot movements
  • optimal mould protection – patented ENGEL force divider for outstanding platen parallelism and uniform clamping force distribution
  • clamping force – from 280 kN to 5,000 kN


Details on ENGEL tie-bar-less technology
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Technical details, case studies and further information on the ENGEL tie-bar-less technology.