Even if something is good, you can still make it better: Add value to your existing production unit with our professional upgrade solutions to make your machinery even more economical in the future. ENGEL allows you to adapt or revitalise your machine and use it for completely new applications. Everything is very simple and everything is the same ENGEL quality customers have come to trust.


Individual & application-specific ENGEL software solution

Whether you want to optimise existing processes, implement new processes or establish communication between individual systems: The ENGEL software team is happy to develop your individual, application-specific solution, no matter how old your machine is or which control unit it uses.


Retrofitting your ENGEL injection moulding machine

Make the most of your legacy machine: With a wide range of special retrofittable equipment in perfect ENGEL quality, our ENGEL retrofit experts meet virtually any requirement in terms of automation, increased efficiency or enhanced production, allowing for an extended service life and upgrading of your production unit.

Injection Units

ENGEL upgrade solutions for injection units

Does your application require an additional plastic component? Do you need a third colour, or a particularly low shot weight? ENGEL offers a comprehensive range of injection units featuring various technologies and diameters. From small-scale units to the ancillary units on a separate machine frame.

Barrel Insulation

Increase energy efficiency of your injection moulding machine with barrel insulation

Minor expenditure, major impact: Original quality insulation mats by ENGEL help you to easily and effectively insulate the barrel of your injection moulding machine. That means sustainable savings of up to 40% of your heating energy while at the same time extending the service life of the heaters. Your added benefit: This purchase will pay for itself in just one year!

foammelt (MuCell®)

ENGEL upgrades like foammelt increase efficiency

Greater economic efficiency thanks to added-value applications & shorter cycle times: in the ENGEL foammelt (MuCell®) process gas is injected into the melt to successfully produce very precise, absolutely warp-free lightweight engineering components on the basis of foam structures.

More details on ENGEL foammelt (MuCell®)


Upgrade solutions by ENGEL - trouble-fee production

Trouble-free, reliable production relies on perfect support. Being able to procure everything you need from a single source is a real plus: Auxiliaries by ENGEL give you perfect control over the setup, servicing and maintenance of your production unit and over production logistics.

Oil Maintenance

Regular oil maintenance increases the energy efficiency of your injection moulding machine

Increasing productivity by reducing failures by up to 55%: ENGEL oil maintenance ensures constant oil quality and a clean hydraulic system. This helps you to sustainably avoid unplanned downtime, reduce wear, maintenance and replacement costs and to produce in a more energy-efficient way by reducing friction. Your added benefit: perfectly optimised life-cycle costs for your system.

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