Downtime costs money:  ENGEL immediately gives you the support you need, 24/7 and around the world. Our competent service team supports you whenever you need help: with ENGEL injection moulding machines of any generation, with all of our technologies, and with any control unit version.


ENGEL Hotline is available around the clock.

Qualified, personal support at any time. You can reach the ENGEL hotline seven days a week, around the clock, worldwide. Our experienced staff helps you immediately with all your technical or software problems, with fast troubleshooting and with coordinating deliveries of spare parts, or  service calls.

ENGEL Hotline


ENGEL support is also available online - e-connect.24

Perfect online support, directly on your machine: ENGEL e-connect.24 gives you access to qualified remote maintenance and online support around the clock. 560 service engineers worldwide help you to quickly troubleshoot and resolve your problem at any time: In a service or fault case, use e-connect.24 to issue an electronic help call to your own first-level support or to ENGEL. Our specialists immediately start looking for the cause of the problem via a remote connection.

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Spare Parts

Request ENGEL spare parts for your injection moulding machine

Fast assistance when you need it: We keep spare parts with a total value of 50 million euros in stock for immediate call-off! ENGEL has more than 70 networked logistics centres which always guarantee the fastest possible and most cost-effective delivery. Absolutely on schedule - even by taxi or helicopter.

Track & Trace:

011 EMS Schwertberg
small and medium-sized machines

0015 EMV St. Valentin
large-scale machines

0014 EAT Dietach
robots and automation systems

0030 CSD
Special processing

Maintenance Agreements

Preventive machine maintance saves you from surprises & costs.

Preventive machine maintenance saves you from unpleasant surprises: ENGEL maintenance agreements help you avoid unnecessary service calls and costs. Our local service teams are happy to help you with regular assessments of your equipment based on our global maintenance standards.

Would you like even more protection & cost assurance for your new system? Choose a combination with ENGEL protect or protect +


ENGEL everQ - check & log your process data

Checking & logging process data and sensors: With ENGEL everQ we are in a position to confirm the accuracy of your production logs, even before you take delivery of the machine, or at regular intervals directly at your plant. We use calibrated equipment to measure all the relevant data, process the data with special software and then send you a qualified test certificate. You can thus reliably demonstrate to your customers the accuracy of your production data.

GMP documentation for medical and automotive

Formula 24

ENGEL Formula 24 - quality & service for more safety

ENGEL quality + ENGEL service = more safety. ENGEL Formula 24 gives you 24 months warranty* on spare parts. The only requirement is qualified installation by our service technicians.

*Except for wear parts & damage due to outside influence