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Extreme Molding Increases LSR Capacities

The need for increased capacity, within a very short timeframe, lead Extreme Molding of Albany, NY to purchase two all-electric ENGEL e-mac machines through the company’s Fast Lane program.

ENGEL North America, member of the ENGEL group, a world leader in the design and manufacture of injection molding machines and parts-handling automation, supplied Extreme Molding with an 85 and a 110 ton all-electric e-mac machine, both equipped for the molding of Liquid Silicone Rubber. ENGEL was able to meet the tight delivery window thanks to their highly successful Fast Lane program.


Immediate need – Fast delivery

Extreme Molding, operating in a 21,000 square foot facility in up-state New York, delivers full-service custom plastic and silicone injection molding solutions to customers in the consumer and life science markets. When the need for additional silicone capacity became urgent, the company turned to an expert in the field of LSR molding technology – ENGEL.

“We received a new contract that required an increase to our LSR capacity -- and quickly. Of the suppliers contacted, ENGEL was the one that could deliver what we needed, when we needed it,” advised Lynn Momrow-Zielinski, Co-Owner of Extreme Molding. “Together with fast delivery, they offered a wide range of options that met our requirements and the flexibility needed in custom molding.”

With an ENGEL press already operating in their facility, the owners of Extreme knew they were getting a reliable product that could handle their high precision jobs with ease. When this was reinforced by the ENGEL e-mac 110 US purchased at the end of 2016, the company followed up with the purchase of another e-mac 85 US in the spring of 2017.


Additional benefits

As a company that prides itself on superior customer service, Extreme Molding was drawn to ENGEL as a like-minded supplier. From machine specification through ordering, machine installation to after-care, all processes have gone smoothly and efficiently.

“The staff at Extreme Molding is a pleasure to work with,” states Don Ivey, Director of Sales-Northeast for ENGEL North America. “They know what they need and communicate it well, which definitely helped us provide the right solution very quickly.”

As for benefits provided by the equipment itself, a favorite of the machine operators at Extreme is the touch screen control panel of the ENGEL CC300 controller. The controller design delivers a clear-cut user interface which provides all task-relevant information at a glance, while the control navigation is as easy as using a smart phone.

“The rest of us are impressed with the higher precision,” says Co-Owner Joanne Moon Duncan, “as well as the small footprint and ease of the robot interface.”


The company

Specializing in technically challenging high-end consumer and life science applications, Extreme Molding works closely with their customers to ensure a full understanding of both design and performance requirements before selecting the applicable plastic, silicone or over-molding solution.

An expert in high-performance materials including medical and FDA-grade plastics, fluoropolymers and fluroelastomers, thermoplastic elastomers, engineered resins, and food-grade and Class 6-compliant silicones, the team at Extreme Molding consults with customers to determine the right material to meet their product’s performance, durability, safety and regulatory requirements.

It doesn’t end there. From pre-production tasks such as sourcing molds and package design - through secondary operations including ultrasonic welding, pad printing, die-cutting and the application of medical adhesives - to packaging and global fulfillment, Extreme Molding does it all. And the entire manufacturing process, including secondary operations, is fully traceable for quality assurance.

“Our customer’s success is our success,” states Moon Duncan. “We work together to find the best materials and manufacturing processes for each project, deliver a high-quality, high-performance finished product, and deliver it to the end user. Full-service.”

Founded in 2002 by co-owners Lynn Momrow-Zielinski and Joanne Moon Duncan, Extreme Molding delivers fully traceable, full-service custom plastic and silicone injection molding solutions.

Higher precision, small footprint, ease of the robot interface and the CC300 touch screen controller are Extreme Molding’s favorite features of their all-electric ENGEL e-mac machines.

The team at Extreme Molding reviews all product performance, durability, safety and regulatory requirements with their customers to ensure the correct molding processes and materials are used. Photo: Baby Banana® Infant Teething Toothbrush

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