For ENGEL, the primary objective has always been continuously improving the benefit to our customer. From the complete integration of peripherals to customised automation concepts and the launch of the CC300 generation of control unit, the optimised production cell has been the heart of our development activity.

Now it is time for us to carry that development forward. Even as the challenges of the future grow ever more complex, however, the solutions must remain simple. This is exactly where inject 4.0 comes into play, enabling us to guide our customers towards networked, self-optimising injection moulding production.



Process stability, productivity and availability together with maximum data security and flexibility remain the guiding principles of inject 4.0. 

ENGEL is a solid and reliable partner helping you pave the way towards your smart factory.

Feedback from our customers


Electric shaver manufacturer avoids rejects with
ENGEL iQ weight control

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ENGEL e-connect.24 ensures top machine
availability for automotive supplier

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Europe's leading manufacturer and supplier of sanitary
parts ups efficiency and quality with MES-solution

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Maximising production potential with ENGEL inject 4.0

In three coordinated areas, we offer technology and infrastructure that can be used to establish an intelligent machine park and unlock the full potential of your production operation:

smart machine

raising process stability and quality through self-regulating systems

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smart service

maximising availability with intelligent monitoring and remote maintenance tools

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smart production

ensuring high productivity through an MES specially tailored for injection moulding firms

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inject 4.0 - Our contribution to your smart factory

inject 4.0 combines the advantages of the smart machine, smart production and smart service to create a solid foundation for smart production. Thanks to horizontal and vertical data integration, every component of inject 4.0 can contribute to your smart factory.

We ensure seamless exchanges and the availability of relevant data across the entire value chain through horizontal data integration. You benefit from plug-and-produce production systems that can easily be integrated into other ENGEL systems and peripheral devices, guaranteeing maximum flexibility.

At the same time, vertical integration allows continuous communication from the individual sensor, any peripherals and the machine with the MES system and even the ERP system. The result is maximum transparency throughout the production process and an unprecedented database on which to base analysis and decision-making.

With inject 4.0 we have set ourselves the goal of advancing cross-system communication to enable you to utilise the full potential of your production operation.

Moulding the future

We are in the middle of the digital transformation of our industry. This presents numerous challenges but also vast potential.

In areas such as data security, the widespread combination of technologies with associated business processes is presenting us with important responsibilities. In all of its solutions, ENGEL applies the latest safety standards and implements uniform, secure and service-oriented communication interfaces such as OPC UA – so you can rely on smooth, secure operations.

Digital technologies enable innovative business models and present numerous opportunities, but also demand new ways of thinking – for ENGEL too. As Industry 4.0 users ourselves, we know what is required; we understand the challenges in practical situations and apply our experience to the solutions we produce. With inject 4.0, however, we are not only improving our products but also helping you secure and build on your own success.