smart machine stands for self-regulating ENGEL machines and robots that can identify the smallest deviations in production conditions. Intelligent assistance systems can determine, recommend and automatically set the ideal production parameters, as production operations continue. As a result, machine operators can expect maximum support, even in highly complex production processes.

Smart machine solutions from ENGEL enable you to utilise the full potential of your machine at all times. You benefit from reproducible quality and significantly fewer rejects while reducing energy consumption.

Our smart machine solution enables you to:

  • utilise the maximum potential of a machine thanks to active and passive assistance systems
  • support operators in processes that are becoming increasingly complex
  • save time setting the ideal production parameters, for example when starting up the machine or changing materials
  • achieve greater process stability by automatically compensating for fluctuations in ambient and production conditions
  • extend the service life and enhance energy efficiency thanks to optimum machine settings
  • reproducibility, even in sensitive applications

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