The all-electric e-mac delivers what is needed in series production: stable processes, consistent precision and round-the-clock efficiency. And thanks to an advanced machine concept, it does this with low maintenance costs and a long, reliable life span. Your advantage: intelligent assistance systems from our inject 4.0 programme reduce rejects or downtime to nearly negligible factors. With a self-regulating e-mac, you can rely on problem-free production – for the lifetime of an ENGEL machine.

The family is expanding

The e-mac series was previously available with clamping forces from 500 to 1,800 kN. To increase area productivity and consequently cost efficiency, the Teletronics and Technical Moulding industries are using progressively larger moulds with a larger number of cavities. ENGEL has taken this trend into account by expanding the series.

Fits like a glove

Particularly interesting is the new size, with a clamping force of 2,800 kN, for the following industries:


technical moulding

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Dynamics in clamping

Short dry-cycle times for impressive productivity. This is what the dynamic clamping drive with its optimised toggle lever geometry offers.

The optimised application of the toggle lever force in the platen and the stationary platen optimised for flatness ensures even distribution of the clamping force.

A 5-point toggle lever provides the greatest possible platen distances while keeping the structure as compact as possible.

Through and through fully electric


All of the ENGEL e-mac‘s movements are performed by servo-electric drives. The all-electric drive helps you to achieve best-in-class efficiency for the entire machine. Maximum precision of all movements and impressive process stability guarantee the highest levels of good parts.

The e-mac is equipped with a servo-electric ejector as standard equipment. This means that parallel motion of the ejector can be optimally adjusted to match the mould movements. Thanks to fast acceleration behaviour and high repeatability of the ejector positions, the mould take-off process can be accelerated, thus saving cycle time.

Acceleration from 0 to 500 mm/s

Highly precise and extremely fast - this is how the injection unit on the e-mac works: for example, the screw position is measured by the encoders on the servo-motors. This ensures maximum resolution for highest precision and process assurance. Pressure membranes measure the peak, post-injection and holding pressures outside the nozzle area. This avoids the measured value being influenced by different processing temperatures

Powerful servo-motors ensure high injection speeds and breathtaking acceleration. And: they allow for long, high post-injection pressures.

Flexible in standard

The e-mac is more favourable than high-performance series, but offers a wide range of functions and all the advantages of a fully electric machine as standard. Thanks to an extensive set of options and our inject 4.0 solutions, every e-mac can be equipped for individual and particularly high demands. With the new 2,800 kN version, you now have a cost-efficient, fully electric injection moulding machine at your disposal in the higher clamping force range, which gives you a high degree of flexibility.

With the optional software iQ weight control, the e-mac becomes a literal constant in production. The intelligent assistance system automatically detects viscosity fluctuations and compensates for them in the same shot. The result: A significant improvement in the repeatability of process and component weight. In other words: More good parts, less rejects and thus higher productivity! Even if the environmental conditions change: The quality of your moulded parts remains consistently high. Shot for shot.

Precision at the highest level


High-quality sensors and fast controls are required for highest precision and repeating accuracy. This is the only way to control a dynamic injection process. All pertinent positions are measured with highest resolutions via the increment shaft encoders on the servo-motors. This guarantees positioning repeatability of +/- 0.02 mm.

The peak, post-injection and holding pressure measurement is not influenced by external factors; it occurs directly on the screw bearing and thus has a direct mechanical connection to the molt pre-chamber via the screw. The pressure sensor is wear-free and calibrated for its entire service life - it impresses with its extremely high resolution. This guarantees maintenance-free long-term precision.

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