Expertise around the world and close to home: ENGEL is represented at strategic locations in Europe, North America and Asia with 9 production plants. Each of these plants specialises in the high-end production of a selected ENGEL product segment and can respond quickly to the needs of its individual market. This means that as a customer you can be sure that ENGEL always offers you the best possible, innovative solutions for your production.



Schwertberg - ENGEL production plants & locations

Schwertberg, Austria
: Central administration, central engineering and development, production plant for small and medium-sized machines up to 6500 kN clamping force

St. Valentin - ENGEL production plants & locations

St. Valentin, Austria
: Production plant for large-scale machines with 3500 kN to 55000 kN clamping force

Dietach - ENGEL production plants & locations

Dietach, Austria
: Production plant for robots and automation systems

Building ENGEL Deutschland Hagen

Hagen, Germany
: Production plant for automation systems

Kaplice - ENGEL production plants & locations

Kaplice, Czech Republic
: Component manufacturing

York - ENGEL production plants & locations

York, USA
: Headquarters of ENGEL North America, final assembly plant for customized solutions

Shanghai - ENGEL production plants & locations

Shanghai, China
: Production plant for large-scale machines with 3500 kN to 40000 kN clamping force

Pyungtaek-City - ENGEL production plants & locations

Pyungtaek-City, Korea
: Production plant for small to medium-sized machines up to 5000 kN clamping force

Changzhou, China
: Production plant for the second brand WINTEC