The ENGEL group has been thriving for decades: This is because, as a family-run company, we rely on long-standing relationships and aim to live up to our own exacting standards of expertise and experience in all fields of plastics processing. We see ourselves as driving, innovative force that has continually set new standards in a dynamic and diverse industry. Our competitive edge has come from generating added value for customers worldwide.

Company data ENGEL group

ENGEL management board & company data
Joachim Metzmacher (CPO), Christoph Steger (CSO), Stefan Engleder (CEO), Markus Richter (CFO)
Company founded: in 1945 by Ludwig Engel
Type of business: GmbH (limited liability company) 100% family-owned
Management Board: Stefan Engleder (CEO), Christoph Steger (CSO), Joachim Metzmacher (CPO), Markus Richter (CFO)
Production plants: 9 locations in Europe, North America and Asia (China, Korea)
Subsidiaries & representatives: in more than 85 countries
Turnover (2017/2018):1.51 billion euros worldwide
Staff:currently about 6,600 worldwide
Exports: approximately 95%